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Mock Test : Blood Relations

Blood relations Question are asked in mainly two ways-:-
  • relating someone directly to you     (like your father’s ->father’s->sister…… is ……. to you?)
  • indirectly asked                                   ( more common X-> mother’s>brother-> ……  is…. to your sister?)

Sometimes they are asked in mathematical or symbol forms too.

Here are some tips:-

  • Keep a focus on the gender of the persons provided and see for both possibilities i.e. male or female.
  • Check hierarchy of required person and move upward  ( reverse approach)
  •  If possible draw the family tree or diagram for solving the question.
  • Apply the question to yourself.
  • Break the question into parts.

Here is a mock test for your practice. Please go through the Notes provided for the topic before attempting it.

Q1. A man pointing to a photograph says, “The lady in the photograph is my nephew’s maternal grandmother.” How is the lady in the photograph related to the man’s sister who has no other sister?
  1. Cousin
  2. Mother
  3. Sister–in–law
  4. Mother–in–law

Q2.  Pointing to a photograph, a man said, “I have no brother or sister but that man’s father is my father’s son.” Whose photograph was it?

  1. His own
  2. His Son
  3. His Father
  4. His Grandfather

Q3. Pointing to a man, a woman said, “His mother is the only daughter of my mother.” How is the woman related to the man?

  1. Mother
  2. Daughter
  3. Sister
  4. Grand Mother

Q4. Pointing to the photograph, Vipul said, “She is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son.” How is Vipul related to the girl in the photograph??

  1. Mother
  2. Sister
  3. Cousin
  4. Grandmother

5. Looking at the portrait of a man, Harsh said, “His mother is the wife of my father’s son. I have no brothers or sisters.” Whose portrait was Harsh was looking?

  1. His child
  2. His father
  3. His grandson
  4. His nephew

Q6. Pointing to a girl in the photograph. Amar said, “Her mother’s brother is the only son of my mother’s father.” How the girl’s mother related to Amar?

  1. Mother
  2. Sister
  3. Aunt
  4. Grandmother

7. Pointing to a gentleman, Deepak said,” His only brother is the father of my daughter’s father.” How is gentleman related to Deepak?

  1. Brother
  2. Father
  3. Grand Father
  4. Uncle

Q8. Pointing towards a person in a photograph, Anjali said, “He is the only son of the father of my sister’s brother.” How is that person is related to Anjali?

  1. Anjali Father
  2. Anjali Mother
  3. Anjali Brother
  4. Maternal Uncle




  1.  Mother
  2. His Son
  3. Mother
  4. Sister
  5. His Child
  6. Aunt
  7. Uncle
  8. Brother

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