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Mock Test for SSC-CGL: Mixed Syllabus Maths(all topics)

There are some questions which are important and some not that important but the topic and pattern they cover is important. There may be a difficult topic to prepare for SSC, Bank PO but you can see the pattern of question and hence can have a much better chance of scoring than when the topic is left unprepared.

So, if you find a topic too lengthy or difficult first try to solve some problems related to it. If you are comfortable then your chances of getting a good score will rise.

Here is a practice test.


Q1.   The product of 2 numbers is 1575 and their quotient is 9/7. Then the sum of the numbers is –

a.   74

b.   78

c.   80

d.   90


Q2.   The value of (81)3.6 * (9)2.7/ (81)4.2 * (3) is __

a.   3

b.   6

c.   9

d.   8.2


Q3.  √6+√6+√6+… is equal to –

a. 2
b. 5
c. 4
d. 3
Q4.   The sum of the squares of two natural consecutive odd numbers is 394. The sum of the numbers is –

a.   24

b.   32

c.   40

d.   28


Q5.   When (6767 +67) is divided by 68, the remainder is-

a.   1

b.   63

c.   66

d.   67


Q6.   In a division sum, the divisor is 4 times the quotient and twice the remainder. If a and b are respectively the divisor and the dividend then-

a.   4b-a2 /a  =3

b.   4b-2a /a2 =2

c.   (a+1)2 = 4b

d.   a(a+2)/b = 4


Q7.   If 738 A6A is divisible by 11, then the value of A is-

a.   6

b.   3

c.   9

d.   1


Q8.   The east positive integer that should be subtracted from 3011 * 3012 so that the difference is perfect square is-

a.   3009

b.   3010

c.   3011

d.   3012


Q9.   P, Q, R are employed to do a work for Rs. 5750. P and Q together finished 19/23 of work and Q and R together finished 8/23 of work. The wage of Q, in rupees, is-

a.   2850

b.   3750

c.   2750

d.   1000


Q10.  A can do a piece of work in 24 days, B in 32 days and C in 64 days. All begin to do it together, but A leaves after 6 days and B leaves 6 days before the completion of the work. How many days did the work last?

a.   15

b.   20

c.   18

d.   30



  1. c
  2. c
  3. d
  4. d
  5. d
  6. d
  7. c
  8. c
  9. d
  10. b

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