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Mock Tests: Questions based on all topics (Part 3)

Hello to all, I hope you guys have liked the last article on mock test and have solved all the questions. But if you have any problem then do let me know. Now today’s test is based on topics like Clock and Calendar. As we all know these topics are very easy and scoring. So what are you waiting for. Let us start with the test.


1. What was the day of the week on 17th june, 1998?

a. Monday         b. Tuesday           c. Wednesday              d. Thursday

2. A clock strikes at 10 o’clock, twice at 2 o’clock, thrice at 3 o’clock and soon. What is the total number of strikings in a day?

a. 136         b. 146        c. 156        d. 166

3. What was the day of the week on 28th May, 2006?

a. Thursday         b. Friday          c. Saturday         d. Sunday

4. A watch becomes fast by 5 minutes everyday. By what percent does it become fast?

a. 5/24%        b. 1/12%        c. 5%       d. 50/144%

5. What was the day of the week on 15th August, 2010?

a. Sunday         b. Monday         c. Tuesday        d. Friday

6. In every 30 minutes the time of a watch increases by 3 minutes. After showing the correct time at 5 a.m, what time will the watch show after 6 hours?

a. 10:54 a.m         b. 11:30 a.m         c. 11:36 a.m       d. 11:42 a.m        e. 11:38 p.m

7. For a certain month, the dates of three of the sundays are even numbers. Then the 15th of that month falls on a 

a. Thursday         b. Friday          c. Saturday        d. Sunday

8. The angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of the clock when the time is 4:20, is

a. 0 degree         b. 10 degree       c. 5 degree       d. 20 degree

9. 5. What was the day of the week on 15th August, 1947?

a. Saturday         b. Friday         c. Thursday        d. Wednesday

10. At 8:30 the hour hand and the minute hand of the cock form an angle of

a. 80 degree       b. 75 degree      c. 70 degree       d. 60 degree


Solve these questions as it will help you in understanding where your position is in terms of preparations. Do share and subscribe For more information visit to Thank you. All the best.

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