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Quantitative Aptitude SSC CGL: Blood Relations

So its many a times its confusing between two similar-seeming relations. Many a times reason being a large family tree with a lot of members in every family. But with a little practice and proper steps, it is possible to tell those. It is one of the topics which are both important for our exams and daily life cause we don’t want confusion between the relatives.

The questions on blood relations are an integral part of the reasoning or mental ability section of almost all the competitive exams. You will mostly see 2- 3 questions on this in the tests. Sometimes the number increases as the examiner may put a full block of 3 – 4 questions based on relationships. Before we move on to some solved problems on blood relations, let us go through some typical relations and the direct meanings of the same

Paternal Side Relationships:

  1. Father’s Father – Grandfather
  2. Father’s Mother – Grandmother
  3. Father’s Sister – Aunt
  4. Father’s Brother – Uncle
  5. Children of Uncle – Cousin
  6. Children of Aunt – Cousin
  7. Wife of Uncle – Aunt
  8. Husband of Aunt – Uncle

Maternal Side Relationships:

  1. Mother’s Father- Maternal Grandfather
  2. Mother’s Mother – Maternal Grandmother
  3. Mother’s Sister – Aunt
  4. Mother’s Brother – Uncle
  5. Children of Maternal Uncle – Cousin
  6. Children of Maternal Aunt – Cousin

Knowledge of some important relations:

  1. Son’s wife is called Daughter-in-law
  2. Daughter’s Husband is called Son-in-law
  3. Brother’s wife is called Sister-in-law
  4. Sister’s Husband is called Brother-in-law
  5. Husband’s Brother is called Brother-in-law
  6. Wife’s Brother is called Brother-in-law
  7. Brother’s Son is called Nephew
  8. Brother’s Daughter is called Niece
  9. Sister’s Son is called Nephew
  10. Sister’s Daughter is called Niece



1. Pointing to a photograph, Vipul said, “She is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son.” How is Vipul related to the girl in the photograph?

A. Father
B. Brother
C. Cousin
D. Uncle
E. Grandson
 Justification: My grandfather’s only son — My father.
So, the girl is the daughter of Vipul’s father i.e., Vipul is the girl`s brother

2. T is the sister of D. D is married to P. P is the son of M. T is the mother of J. Y is the father of U. Y has only one son and only one daughter. U is the daughter of T. Q is the son of D.

If M is the wife of W then how is Q related to W?

A. Son
B. Son-inLaw
C. Grandson
D. Uncle
E. Nephew

Ans=> Grandson

              Family Tree

If M is the wife of W. Then, W is the father of P. So, Q is the grandson of W.

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