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SSC-CGL : Indian History Quiz (part1)

History is one of those subjects where the syllabus is a lot and learning each and everything is not possible. So the best way is to first test your knowledge, topic wise and focus on the topics you are less comfortable with.

Here Is a test for you.

1. Name the states which were annexed under Lord Dalhousie’s policy of Doctrine of Lapse?

2. Under which Act were Indians allowed to become the members of the executive council of Viceroy?
3. Name the founders of Indian National Congress.
4. In which session did the Congress split over the pace and technique of struggle.
5. What was the main feature of the Morley Minto reforms of 1909?
6. Name the act passes in March 1919 which authorized the govt to imprison any person without trial?
7. In which Congress session was the goal changed from self-government to attainment of “Swaraj”?
8. When and how was the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) launched?
9. In which INC Session the resolution of Fundamental rights and the national economic plan was passed?
10. Name the pact signed between Gandhi and BR Ambedkar in which they agreed upon reservation of seats for depressed classes and abandoning of separate electorate for them?
11. Who was the first one to offer individual satyagraha under Gandhiji’s Individual satyagraha movement?
12. Which slogan was given by Gandhiji for QIM?


1. Stare, Jhansi & Awadh
2. Indian Council Act of 1861
3. AO hume, WC benergee, Dadabhai Naorogi, ND Ranade
4. In Surat session in 1907, president over by Rash Behari Bose.
5. The separate electorate was proposed
6. Rowalt act
7. Nagpur session, 1920, Lala Lajpat Rai was the president
8. CDM was launched after Dandi March by Gandhi, he broke the salt law at the coast of Dandi on April 6, 1930.
9. Karachi session 1931, President was VB patel
10. Pune pact
11. Binova Bhave 2nd was JL Nehru
12. Do or die

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