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Mock Tests: Questions based on all topics (Part 3)

Hello to all, I hope you guys have liked the last article on mock test and have solved all the questions. But if you have any problem then do let me know. Now today’s test is based on topics like Clock and Calendar. As we all know these topics are very easy and scoring. So what are you waiting for. Let us start with the test. Questions: 1. What was the day of the week on 17th june, 1998? a. Monday         b. Tuesday         …

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Problems on Calendar: Basic Concept, Solved Examples and Questions

Hello to all, I hope you would have liked my last article on clock and have solved all the questions easily. But if you are finding it difficult to solve then you can tell your doubts in the comment section below. Today I’m going to discuss a very important topic that is ‘Calendar’. In this article I will tell what is the basic concept of Calendar, Solved Examples on Calendar and then 4-5 questions that you have to solve it on your own. Don’t worry would not be that difficult…

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