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Mock Tests: Questions based on all topics (Part 4)

Hello to all, today I have come up with a new topic that is Mock Test on Time & Distance and Decimal Fractions. But before going for the test Please go to the notes section and check my articles on Time & Distance and Decimal Fractions. That will help you to solve these questions that are given below. So let us start with the test. Questions:  1. A car covers a distance fro town 1 to town 2 at the speed of 56 km/hr and from town 2 to town 1…

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Mock Test: Questions based on all topics (Part 2)

Hello to all, I hope the last article on Mock test has helped you to check your level. If you face any difficulty do let me know in the comment section below. Following test is based on Simplification, Probability and Average. So let us start. Questions: 1. If a/b = 1/3, b/c = 2, c/d = 1/2, d/e = 3 and e/f = 1/4, then what is the value of abc/def? a. 1/4        b. 3/4        c. 3/8        d. 27/4     …

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