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Mock Tests: Questions based on all topics (Part 4)

Hello to all, today I have come up with a new topic that is Mock Test on Time & Distance and Decimal Fractions. But before going for the test Please go to the notes section and check my articles on Time & Distance and Decimal Fractions. That will help you to solve these questions that are given below. So let us start with the test. Questions:  1. A car covers a distance fro town 1 to town 2 at the speed of 56 km/hr and from town 2 to town 1…

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Article Notes 

Notes on Time and Distance: Basic Concept, Questions and Solutions

Hello to all, my new article on SBI Bank PO Exams 2018 has been posted you can read all details at SBI PO Exams 2018: All you Need to know to get a clear idea on what is SBI Bank PO all about. Today I’m going to tell you a very interesting topic that is Time and Distance. Time and Distance is very important topic in Aptitude so learn all the concepts well and try to solve the questions that I will give you at the end of this article. So let…

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