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SSC-CGL : Indian History Quiz (part1)

History is one of those subjects where the syllabus is a lot and learning each and everything is not possible. So the best way is to first test your knowledge, topic wise and focus on the topics you are less comfortable with. Here Is a test for you. 1. Name the states which were annexed under Lord Dalhousie’s policy of Doctrine of Lapse? 2. Under which Act were Indians allowed to become the members of the executive council of Viceroy? 3. Name the founders of Indian National Congress. 4. In which session did the Congress…

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Indian History: 100 Important GK Questions from Indian History

1. Which one of the following regions did not constitute a separate suba (province) under Akbar ? (A) Orissa (B) Bengal (C) Bihar (D) Awadh (Ans : D) 2. Which of the following statements about Bukka I of the Vijayanagar empire is not correct ? (A) He instilled new vigour into Hindu Society (B) He renovated temples (C) Under his fostering care Sayana wrote commentaries on Vedas (D) He adopted measures to uplift the Shudras (Ans : D) 3. Sayana is associated with— (A) The Chola Kingdom (B) Vijayanagar Kingdom (C) Hoyasala Kingdom (D) Bahmani Kingdom (Ans : B) 4. Match…

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