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Mock Test : Current Affairs

I hope you have enjoyed my last article on current affairs and started preparing the topic with more energy. So I am providing a practice test to help you check how much you improved from that time. Practice questions will give you the overview of the final exam and the types of questions being asked. Further, you will be able to solve the questions within the given time period. This will increase your chances of cracking the exam on the first go. Start practicing with this practice set and judge…

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Quantitative Aptitude SSC CGL: Blood Relations

So its many a times its confusing between two similar-seeming relations. Many a times reason being a large family tree with a lot of members in every family. But with a little practice and proper steps, it is possible to tell those. It is one of the topics which are both important for our exams and daily life cause we don’t want confusion between the relatives. The questions on blood relations are an integral part of the reasoning or mental ability section of almost all the competitive exams. You will mostly see…

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SSC-CGL : Indian History Quiz (part1)

History is one of those subjects where the syllabus is a lot and learning each and everything is not possible. So the best way is to first test your knowledge, topic wise and focus on the topics you are less comfortable with. Here Is a test for you. 1. Name the states which were annexed under Lord Dalhousie’s policy of Doctrine of Lapse? 2. Under which Act were Indians allowed to become the members of the executive council of Viceroy? 3. Name the founders of Indian National Congress. 4. In which session did the Congress…

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Mock Test: Questions based on all topics (Part 2)

Hello to all, I hope the last article on Mock test has helped you to check your level. If you face any difficulty do let me know in the comment section below. Following test is based on Simplification, Probability and Average. So let us start. Questions: 1. If a/b = 1/3, b/c = 2, c/d = 1/2, d/e = 3 and e/f = 1/4, then what is the value of abc/def? a. 1/4        b. 3/4        c. 3/8        d. 27/4     …

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Quantitative Aptitude : Simple Interest and Compound Interest

Simple Interest and Compound Interest are some of the most important topics in SSC CGL exam as they have practical application in banking too. If you face confusion in understanding SI and CI, Then this article will provide will clear concept of the two. What is Interest? Interest is the amount paid to the loaner (who loans something) or gained on the amount called principal amount that we have borrowed or lent. It is charged according to a rate called interest rate and usually charged annually. There are two types of…

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SSC CGL Exams 2018

As I have said in my last article that I will bring some more information on competitive Exams here is another one, SSC CGL which is known as Staff Selection Commission-Combined  Graduate Level Examination. The Examination is conducted by the Government of India in order to recruit officers or staff to various departments and posts. Today I am going to discuss some important points on SSC-CGL that is Examination Pattern, Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus and test preparation. 1.  SSC-CGL Exam Pattern: To start the preparation for any exams we should first…

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