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Follow a Disciplined LIFE for Success; There’s No Escape Route

Are you just working hard to get a job, blindly following others footstep…amused and confused by your friend’s and mate’s advice of studying for 10-12 hours to start a good career. Do you really believe in going up with the hearsay and not practicing a disciplined life can be of any good? Have you ever thought to ‘put your thinking cap on’? Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better and YES you can be; if you work with a disciplined life. I won’t here ‘enlighten your path’ but…

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Article Bank PO 

5 Success Mantras for Cracking the Bank Exam

Indian PSU banks provide an excellent opportunity for graduates. More than 7.5 lac freshers will be recruited by Indian PSU banks over the next 5 years. While the jobs are aplenty, the competition for these jobs is equally high. But preparation for the exam is key. Success rate is only 1.5% – what this means is less than 2 out of 100 aspirants that take the bank exam actually get a job. Banks select freshers for their aptitude and train them in banking enabling them to move up the value…

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