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Government Job Notice: Get the first alert

Many of us think about one question i.e how can I get a govt job? Central Government Jobs in India include various sectors such as Indian Railways, Postal, Public Sector Units (PSU), etc. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) & Staff Selection Commission(SSC) also comes under Central Govt Jobs.  All Indian Citizens would like work in Central Govt of India Job. Candidates who wish to serve our country may join in any department of Government India check Sarkari Naukri on our site. For those candidates who wish to apply for Central…

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SBI PO Exam: Free Mock Test Program

Online registration for SBI PO 2017 (Probationary Officers)  is going to be organized on 29th & 30th April and 6th & 7th May, 2017 (Preliminary) and 4th June, 2017 (Main). Actual dates of SBI PO exam for the year 2017 has been updated now based on this year’s official notification. SBI PO 2017 APPLICATION PROCEDURE HAS OVER NOW. CANDIDATES CAN DOWNLOAD THEIR RESPECTIVE ADMIT CARD FROM 15TH APRIL 2017 ONWARD.  FREE MOCK TEST: SBI Bank PO Download Eckovation App: Click Here Group Code: 254198 SBI PO 2017 Call Letters/Admit Card Hard copy of…

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New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley (C) stands outside his office at North Block holding the briefcase containing the Union budget for 2017 and is flanked by MoS Arjun Meghwal (3rd R) and Santosh Gangwar (3rd L), on Wednesday,in New Delhi. PTI Photo by Vijay Verma(PTI2_1_2017_000009B) Article Bank PO Current Affairs SSC 

Important: Budget Highlights 2017

FISCAL SITUATION Total expenditure is Rs. 21, 47,000 Crore. Rs.3000 Crore for implementing budget announcements under department of Economics. Defense expenses, excluding pension- Rs 2, 74,114 Crore. Expenses in science and technology- Rs. 37,435 Crore. Total resources transferred to States and UTs -Rs 4.11 lakh Crore Recommended fiscal deficit for 3 years – 3% with deviation of 0.5% of GDP. Revenue deficit- 1.9% Pegged fiscal deficit of 2017-18 at 3.2% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and remain committed to achieving 3% in the next year.    AGRICULTURAL SECTOR The fund…

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List Of Important Basic Maths Formulas

The list of basic math formulas which is very useful for mainly 11 grade, 12 grade and college grade students. Math formulas are very important and necessary to know the correct formula while solving the questions on different topics. If we remember math formulas we can solve any type of math questions. Algebra: ● Laws of Indices: (i) aᵐ ∙ aⁿ = aᵐ + ⁿ (ii) aᵐ/aⁿ = aᵐ – ⁿ (iii) (aᵐ)ⁿ = aᵐⁿ (iv) a = 1 (a ≠ 0). (v) a-ⁿ = 1/aⁿ (vi) ⁿ√aᵐ = aᵐ/ⁿ…

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Padma Awards 2017: 7 Padma Vibhushan, 7 Padma Bhushan and 75 Padma Shri Awardees

Padma Awards – one of the highest civilian Awards of the country, are conferred in three categories, namely, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri. The Awards are given in various disciplines/ fields of activities, viz.- art, social work, public affairs, science and engineering, trade and industry, medicine, literature and education, sports, civil service, etc. ‘Padma Vibhushan’ is awarded for exceptional and distinguished service; ‘Padma Bhushan’ for distinguished service of high order and ‘Padma Shri’ for distinguished service in any field. The awards are announced on the occasion of Republic…

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Notes of Profit & Loss for Competitive Exam-III

Profit & Loss Profit and loss are the terms related to monetary transactions in trade and business. Whenever a purchased article is sold, then either profit is earned or loss is incurred.   Cost Price (CP) :This is the price at which an article is purchased or manufactured. Selling Price (SP): This is the price at which an article is sold.   Profit (SP>CP) :When an article is sold at a price more than its cost price, then profit is earned. Loss (CP>SP) :When an article is sold at a price lower…

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Notes of Profit & Loss for Competitive Exam-II

Cost Price–The price at which an article is purchased is called its cost price (C.P.) Selling Price-The price at which the article is sold is called its selling price (S.P.) If the cost price (C.P.) of the article is equal to the selling price (S.P.), Then there is no loss or gain. If the selling price (S.P.) > cost price (C.P.), then the seller is said to have a profit or gain, Gain or Profit = S.P. – C.P. If the cost price (C.P.) > selling price (S.P.), then the…

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Notes of Profit & Loss for Competitive Exam-I

Profit & Loss: Cost Price-The price at which an article is purchased is called its cost price (C.P.) Selling Price-The price at which the article is sold is called its selling price (S.P.) CP = Cost Price = The price at which an object is Purchased SP = Selling Price = The price at which the object is Sold. When SP < CP → Loss = CP – SP When SP > CP → Profit = SP – CP Note: Loss% and Profit% both are calculated upon CP Profit% =…

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Notes of Ratio And Proportion

What is Ratio? A ratio is a relationship between two numbers by division of the same kind. The ration of a to b is written as a : b = a / b In ratio a : b , we can say that a as the first term or antecedent and b, the second term or consequent. Example :  The ratio 4 : 9 we can represent as  4 / 9 after this 4 is a antecedent and , consequent = 9 Rule of ration :  In ratio multiplication or division of each and every term of…

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7 types of Number Series and it’s Rules

Number Series Rules with solved Problems Series is an important chapter from banking examination point of view. Following are some of the important rules or order on which the number series can be made :- Pure Series Difference Series  Ratio Series  Mixed Series Geometric Series Two Tier Arithmetic Series Other Types 1. Pure Series In this type of number series, the number itself obeys certain order so that the character of the series can be found out. The number itself may be. Perfect Square Example : 121, 144, 169, 225…

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